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Extremely 80's plays an anthology of New Wave and Classic Alternative music from the 1980's.
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Heard this on the broadcast today. This really takes me back to those early days of MTV!

Today I am thankful Tom Tom Club’s “Genius of Love.” It wouldn’t have happened without Tina Weymouth who is celebrating her 62nd birthday today!

Our friend and former Sugarcube Bjork turns 47 today! Let’s see what she’s up to these days, shall we?

About one year ago, my finger was hovering over the off button for this radio station. I was out of money, and my interest was gone. After ten years of bringing great New Wave and Alternative 80s music to the masses, I was ready to be done. But I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. So I put the station into a limited mode. Only 5 listeners max could listen, the same 8 hour playlist played over and over.

For one year.

I thought that people would eventually stop listening to the station. I would get tired of the same 8 hours of music too. Some did. But a lot of people still listened. There were new listeners that stopped by and added this station to their favorites. It proved to me that great 80’s music is still important to people. It proved that great 80’s music was still important to me. So I’m back.

We’re starting slowly. The playlist gets changed at least once a week now. I’m working on adding more music to the list. The Extremely 80s Twitter feed will start chirping again. The Extremely 80’s Facebook Page is now accepting new likes. I’m even considering the possibility of a weekly live show. We’ll see.

Please Stay Tuned.